2 Dec


ummmm, I decided that I won’t buy DmC: Devil may Cry which means that I won’t review it. Here’s why: I played the demo and I thought it was kinda shitty. The boss fight was cool, though. It just wasn’t enought for me to spend 60$ on the full game. I bought Threads of Fate, Persona 3: FES and Catherine instead. I’m totally reviewing these once I’m done playing them 🙂

Current progress
Threads of Fate: 60% completed (finished Mint’s story; started Rue’s)
Persona 3: FES: 0% completed
Catherine: 0% completed

HOWEVER, I have school so I’ll definitely review them, but it’ll have to be when I’m on break, whenever that will be (I don’t even have the energy to check -_-, *insert school-related rant here; seriously, playing video games on Fridays is kinda therapeutic for me 😀 *)

just a quick heads up

12 Oct

I pre-ordrered DmC which comes out on January 15th, 2013; the last two episodes of Eureka Seven: AO air in November and I can’t wait to watch them !!!

I’ll be reviewing them as soon as I finish them. 🙂


30 Sep

I have one last philosophy essay to do and I’m freeee~ee…only for two weeks though. urgh, why? just why? Can you imagine majoring in philosophy?…I don’t know how people do it. Anywho…better get to work.

After I’m done with this essay, I’m gonna play a bunch of video games and watch loads of TV shows and youtube videos. I’ll also make a review of Eureka Seven AO once the last episode airs, one for DmC: Devil may Cry when it comes out and another one for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

UPDATE: I’m now done with school for a little while but I don’t plan on posting anything until Eureka Seven: AO finishes because I want to review the show as a whole 🙂